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Best mouse recommended

  • 30 January 2021
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I am new in gaming and I do gaming setup. Currently, I used a Logitech M170 mouse. It is not good for gaming purposes. Please recommend me which mouse is best for gamimg.

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4 Replies

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RAZER has the modern mouse of followings

  • RAZER Basilisk
  • RAZER Viper
  • RAZER Mamba
  • RAZER Deathadder

It is not an easy question to answer, it is like if we ask a tennis player, "what would you recommend a best tennis racket?" they won't just say one type.

It is about you and the peripheral that matter; the feel of it, the excitement of it.

Whether you care about the ergonomic design to prevent you from facing wrist injury~~~~
Whether you want to use it for office work or for playing games or for both~~~~

Before I encountered a gaming peripherals, I thought HP desktop mouse was the best.
Now I have experienced variety of RAZER peripherals, I now use Basilisk Ultimate.

Deathadder also has a good grip....... Even I don't know what to recommend

Just try out anything and explore the excitement yourself
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What's your budget?

For FPS games I'd recommend Razer Viper / Viper Ultimate or Razer Viper Mini if you want to get cheap.
The most safe and universal choice will be something from DeathAdder family.
For the most comfort check Basilisk mouse line.
I have had the trinity (old one) for years and I love its versatility
I'd recommend the Viper Ultimate/Viper Mini very light mouses if you're into FPS's.
I personally own a Mamba Wireless but rather go for a Wireless Viper or possibly a Deathadder(All rounder)?