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DeatAdder v.2 cry from the heart

Hi Razer !

Im a pro Counter-Strike player since 2002 & Razer fan since I've got Diamondback in 2006. In 2008 I have tried DeathAdder and found it is best mouse I ever had. I have a big expirience with gaming mouses. DeathAdder was very similar to Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0 but more accurate.

Some days ago my DeathAdder 3.5G gone...I have use it about 9 years with standalone drivers, changing some times feets and was happy. It started to disabling sensor and buttonts randomly. Some time it works ok, some time it was terrible.

I have decided to buy modern DeathAdder v2...

I have configured my new DeathAdder v2 mouse with synapse 3 software, saved profile into mouse. Nice app, no problems. Tryed some games, old and new - mouse is outstanding. BUT. It doesn't save lightning settings into mouse(I like to use "breathing" settings with only white color). When my Windows PC logging off, when I am disabling all razer apps - my favorite DeathAdder begins RGB cycling...

Razer Guys, please listen. This is big issue to me...Im a old gamer and I do not like RGB in modern gaming devices. RGB cycling makes look of my hardcore gaming devices like funny christmas tree...Its spoiling the appearance and design of my PC. When I'm entering into my dark gaming room and see my logging off Windows PC with RGB-cycling mouse...This just pisses me off...

Please, make something with software/firmware to bring my favorite razer mouse save lightning settings or turn off this lightning spectrum cycling off on hardware level.


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