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Deathadder Black Edition

Hello everyone!

So after like 8 years or so of constant use the left mouse button of my deathadder broke down insofar as that it was no longer able to "hold" left mouse clicks - especially important for charging a railgun in star wars - the old republic : galactic starfighter 😉.

I really like this mouse and I feel that it is a super-great device that i had lots of fun using; so after trying out some mouse models in the supermarket, i found that my hands really only like the way the deathadder or the mamba is made - i don't want to have any other mice.

Instead of getting a new deathadder tough, i bought new micro-switches and replaced the old ones of my deathadder - and everything works now flawlessly again.

So - thank you Razer, this is a 10 out of 10 for serviceability!! Awesome, this is how I like products to be designed!!

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