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Does the DeathAdder v2 work with Synapse 2.0?

  • 14 September 2020
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I just bought the DeathAdder V2, I'm a new Razer shopper, and I play on a Mac. Is the DeathAdder v2 compatible with the Synapse 2.0? If not could I edit the settings on a different computer and then apply it on my current computer (Assuming the memory holds up?)


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Most likely not as all of the new Razer items that have launched within the last few years or so are designed to work with Synapse 3 only (Examples include: DeathAdder V2, Huntsman Elite, Atheris, Viper 2018, Mamba Wireless 2018, Viper Ultimate/Mini, Basilisk Original/V2/Ultimate)
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No, Synapse 3 only.