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Naga Pro and horizontal scroll in onboard memory

  • 4 February 2021
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I have a Naga Trinity that I quite like, but there is one thing that kind of bugged me a tiny bit. With Synapse running, I can assign scroll left/right to the tilt wheel (or other buttons, actually), and they worked okay. However, it cannot be saved to the onboard memory. It won't work also, if you closed the synapse.

A bit of background: I work mostly on a Mac, so I have to configure everything on Windows and save to onboard memory. I am a tiny bit spoiled by touchpads, having the ability to scroll in all direction and gesture controls (which I bind to the Naga's buttons) do help a bit with productivity. I am hoping that the Naga Pro could finally do horizontal scrolling from onboard memory.

Had anyone tried assigning horizontal scroll to onboard memory on the Naga Pro? I can't find a store that have the mouse hooked to a computer to test it out where I live (wondered if there are shops who do this elsewhere in the world). The price is a bit steep, so I am hoping if someone could confirm if this works :)

p.s.: On Mac, if you press shift key and then scroll, you would be scrolling horizontally. As a workaround, I have the shift key binded to a button. I was wondering if the tilt wheel could natively support horizontal scroll

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Hey new Insider

So to operate Naga Trinity properly, you do need a Synapse 3.0; however, Synapse 3.0 is only available on Windows.

The reason why Synapse 3.0 is essential is because the way how the peripherals work.

Between RAZER peripherals and Synapse 3.0, it works via....

  • Internet / Cloud base solution
  • Constant back and forward link between the software and the peripheral (no onboard memory profile)

Until Apple negotiates a contract with RAZER for a new Apple version Synapse software~~~

Synapse 3.0 is only available for Windows
For MacOS users there are 5 options for RAZER peripherals

Naga Trinity does work on MacOS; but any special mouse configurations, accelerations you configure will not apply.
Thanks for your reply. I did get the Naga Trinity to work on Mac with good result. I configured most of the stuff on a Windows PC first, and then save everything to the onboard memory. Not everything can be saved there, and not all functionality are available, but I can get everything I wanted (mostly macros and keystrokes assignment, a few sensitivity stage, as well as having a few different profiles).

The horizontal scroll is one thing that cannot be assigned/saved to the onboard memory of Naga Trinity, and I am hoping to confirm if the Naga Pro is different in this aspect. Specifically, I wish to see if scroll left/right could be assigned to the tilt wheel, and then save this function onto the onboard memory.

I am eyeing to buy a Naga Pro, but I am hoping to confirm about this feature before making the final decision.
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Hoping an another Insider or RAZER official would answer your question.

You may try contact the RAZER support, querying the Naga Pro by clicking here
I did end up buying the Naga Pro in the end and tested it out. As it turns out, scroll left/right cannot be assigned onto onboard memory.

There is a false hope is that scroll left/right could be added onto a macro, and macro could be saved onto onboard memory. However, the scroll left/right command would not be produced without Synapse running.

I have played around with the configurations in the Synapse, and would probably do a write-up soon on my thoughts of the Naga Pro, from a productivity point of view.
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Do not lose hope with MacOS

Attached is what Insider laythy have added in the MacOS thread
We will wait and see the hope of MacOS Synapse version 3.0