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New mouse

  • 10 September 2019
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Hi guys, so I’ve been using the razer mamba te for almost 3 years now and I was thinking about switching to the new razer viper. I really liked the shape of the mamba and it fit my hand amazingly but I just didn’t like the laser sensor so that’s one of the reasons why I wanted to buy a new mouse. My hand is not that big and I have medium/long fingers so will it be a good idea to switch to the viper or should I find something else?

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5 Replies

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if finance is not a problem, then why not? RAZER will appreciate your purchase contribution
For me, I still use the RAZER Blackwidow stealth 2014 and Deathadder 2013
If I already have a RAZER product that works, I would like to use it as long as I can. Why switch?
I’m upgrading every part of my desktop because I’m moving, regarding why I wanted to switch the mamba it’s just because of the sensor. I always feel like it’s not good enough and an optical would be much better. Plus I’m all about the look of the viper but like I said, I don’t know if it would be a good choice for my hand since it’s way smaller than the mamba and deathadder(I had this before the mamba by the way)
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I was just speaking my opinion.

If mamba sensor feels sluggish and you want an optimistic results, then why not?
Size can be just a minor change which can feel uncomfortable or challenging to use, but similar to game developments there will always be minor changes to keep the gamers entertained and challenged
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I just got the Viper yesterday and it is awesome. I was using the Ouroboros for years, and never realized how heavy that thing was. I loved it and it did its job, but I was tired of the wireless thing. The Speedflex Cable (for me at least) feels like im using a wireless. You dont feel like anything is there, and the 69g? What a difference.

The side buttons and more tucked away, and when clicked, feel like a solid quiet click. However, the button clicking that shines is the Optical Mouse Switch. The left and right buttons feel faster for some reason. Playing Youngblood, it reacted smooth and no double clicks, response time was on point. Also, I really like the switch on the bottom of the mouse to change the DPI, no more cluster on the top.

This is just my opinion, I like to keep a mouse for a long time, as in the case of the Ouroboros, I got it when it first released. I was about the get the Lancehead or Mamba, but glad I waited, I really wanted a corded (again, always personal pref), this worked perfectly.

And as another said, the price point was great. For such a premium mouse, it works. Thats just my mini review. Hope this helps.
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What about the size? I mean compared to Ouroboros and possibly Mamba, is it small?