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New Mouse Mat Issues!

  • 28 December 2020
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For xmas i got a brand new Firefly Hard Surface mouse mat, as you do i plugged it in and set it up with my Naga Chroma (witch ive had for 2 years) and instantly noticed i tracking issuses (slowing down, stopping). but when i move on to just my desk witch is also a hard surface it works normal. i've tried recalibrating among other things and i cant find a video or forum online.

as i said its a brand new mouse mat and the mouse worked

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4 Replies

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Software issue
Whether this will work is a question.
* Unplug both mouse and mat
* Uninstall Synapse
* Restart PC
* Plug in Firefly
* While the Naga is on top of the mouse mat, then plug in the mouse USB (this is to making sure the mouse sensor calibrates to the surface of the mat than anything else.)
* Re-install Synapse
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Trying to reset the mouse surface sensor is the key, so that it calibrates to the settings according to the surface of the mat.

Good luck
i did as you have said and i the dpi went up and the problem kinda stopped but now and again the mouse completely stops for a sec
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Try connect your mat and mouse to an another pc, and see if it responds better.
But the PC that you are connecting to have to be under well working condition.