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Original Naga Epic (Not Chroma)

  • 14 September 2020
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I've posted this before but here we go again.

I've been using Razer mouse for years and years, started with the original Naga and the last upgrade I did was to the Naga epic. The version just before Chroma came out. I got the Chroma, couldn't use it and I got the Trinity and the same thing. For some reason they went away from the flat key pad to these deep spongy keys that just feel super weird to me.

I've sense bought 2 unopen box Naga Epic to replace them over the years sense the mouse stopped being made and am getting close to doing it again. I don't understand why if these new mice like the Naga Pro that just came out has these plates you can change the buttons why can't they make a plate with the original keys???

It's amazing to me that even selling this old Naga Epic USED I can get $250-300 there is obviously interest in the key style for people to still want to buy this old mouse. Please Razer add plate options to the new mice, I'd even pay extra for this panel for the Pro!!

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