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PLEASE Make a Viper Ultimate with the Mini's switches

I got the Viper Ultimate about 3 months ago, around Christmas time. It's been one of the best mice I've ever used. I can't believe how great its sensor is, and how seamless it is. It feels no less responsive than a wired mouse and it is completely cordless! However, I did have to get used to the somewhat mushier feeling clicks.

When hearing about the release of the Viper Mini, I was so excited. I use a palm-fingertip grip hybrid, so it'd be easy for me to adapt to fingertipping the Mini. I just got my Viper Mini today, and immediately I noticed how amazing the switches were. They felt like any high-end switch - very crisp and satisfying. The fact that it was $40 is almost too good to be true and almost every single thing on the mouse feels like an upgrade from the Viper Ultimate. So, if they upgraded all these things on this mouse, why not change it on the Ultimate? The Mini's switches are better, its mouse wheel is much less resistant, there's no pretravel on the clicks, its side buttons are more accessible, and just overall the mouse feels better. Clearly, Razer knows what they needed to improve from the Ultimate when making the Mini, so shouldn't they also upgrade the Ultimate's specs to the Mini's?

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