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Profiles on Basilisk Ultimate

  • 1 April 2020
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Can your lighting profiles be saved on the Basilisk Ultimate? I know it says up to 5 profiles, but want to be sure it will save lighting as well as other settings if not connected to Synapse. Thanks

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3 Replies

Does anyone have any information regarding this question?
Also having that question since I got the mouse. Razer's website says it can but I can't seem to get it to stick. And I don't want to run a lighting software just for my mouse.. my KB does it on its own and its barely name brand
I contacted Support and asked them this question. They replied back that they would need the model and serial number of the mouse and my telephone number to " verify my identity" !!!!! I have not purchased the mouse yet and my question was to provide the answer I needed before I would purchase the mouse. And why they need to "verify my identity" with my telephone number for a simple question about their product is beyond me. This is unfortunate and I may have to seek a mouse from another vendor.