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Razer Mamba 16000 Wireless Mode Problem

  • 10 December 2019
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Hi all,

I have the Razer Mamba 16000. It was working perfectly yesterday. Today, I took my mouse to work with me and plugged into the computer in a Wireless Mode -where the connection cable is being plugged to the Charging Dock. I noticed that once I turn the wireless switch to ON only the lighting on the mouse was working. So I thought maybe I didn't plug the cable properly and checked it. It was plugged as usual. I place the mouse to Charging Dock and immediately the green lights that indicate it is charging were on the mouse so from my assumption the Dock is charging the mouse. Then I try another computer at the work but the Wireless connection was not working. I did try my computer at home also but the issue exists.

I'm trying to understand if this is related to the Software or Hardware. I am able to use the mouse in the Wired mode but not in the Wireless mode. Could you please help me if you had this issue before? I searched online and tried every possible solution that I crossed with.

Thank you!

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Okay, so after a 3 hours conversation with the Razer Support, the final decision is the dock is defective. But since the purchase has been done from a retailer in Turkey the Razer has no support or replacement over this country. But the interesting thing is they have multiple retailers that certified by them to sell their products.

So as my final thought we as customers from Turkey should really consider buying Razer Products since we are not actually being qualified as Razer's customers. Good thing to know for future purchases and most definitely raise this warning to my fellow friends at the Turkey community.