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Razer Mamba Elite Tilt Wheel

  • 22 June 2019
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Hi , So i have this mouse for like 2 ,3 months .. and is great i had no problems, but i have a question , why can't u set the Tilt wheel buttons for mouse button 6 and 7 .. that would be more helpful in games , i tried to set it scroll left and right , but still many games don't read scroll left and right , so is there a way to make the tilt wheel , button 6 and 7

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1 Reply

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How about setting it to keys you know you'll never use? Like scroll lock?
You could also create a profile for the mouse and set it to the keys you never use (say, scroll lock for scroll left and backslash for scroll right). Then in game you set scroll lock to something and backslash for something else.