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Razer Mamba not working

  • 21 January 2020
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So I have this Razer Mamba wireless mouse with led strips on both sides, i dont know the exact name of this mouse, there is plenty of mice called mamba whatever. So I connected this mouse to my pc and it doesnt work, I installed razer synapse software, I can change light effects on this mouse, but sensor and buttons not working at all, tried to uninstall synapse, tried to use it on another pc, nothing helped, only lights working, tried to use it in wired mode, nothing as well. Can please someone help me?

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2 Replies

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Probably sensor failed or some circuit on PCB or the cable is damaged somewhere. If you have warranty, RMA it.
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Did both computers detect the mouse properly? Also, do you get the same results on both wired and wireless modes?