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Razer mice feedback 2021

  • 10 January 2021
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The good stuff:

-No creaking (mouse casing is sturdy)
-Side clicks
-Side Grips
-Response time

The Issues:

-Razer mice not charging on dock
-Quality control on mouse clicks

The dock charging issue is something that happens over time, the mouse builds up gunk on the bottom which prevents contact on the pads on the bottom with the dock.

The mouse clicks on nearly all mice come with some pretravel usually on the right mouse button (worst case some with it on the left click) The clicks are one of the most important part on a mouse, the new switch was supposed to be an improvement but due to bad quality control, mice that have this issue are quite common. It's the reason why people complain about them feeling "Mushy" because of this pre travel.

Hoping this feedback is useful for the next iteration of razer mice (especially the DA V3 pro wireless)

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