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Razer Naga 2012 like mouse

  • 17 August 2020
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Im a big fan of the 2012 model of the 14 button razer naga.

Ive owned two, my latest one stopped working recently so I upgraded to a new wired Trinity model.

Its a nice mouse, but I have two gripes with it. The bigger issue is the finger rest on the right hand side - its too large, I cannot grip the mouse like I used to. It makes the mouse very cumbersome to move for me personally. Its not that I dont have large enough hands, but I like to grip the mouse in a clawlike maner.

The old model had removable panels/rests. Are there any plans to reincorporate this?

The second issue is that the side buttons now collapse or cave in where as before they use to push out alittle. I can live with this, but something small I noticed.

I play alot of mmos and mp games and cannot get used to the new model and Ive noticed my performance (and fun) dip significantly.

  • Is it possible to get my hands on a new 2012 version?
  • Can anyone recommend me a similar razer mouse with side buttons?
  • Do razer have any plans to bring back right hand side panels for the Nagas or introduce them for the Trinities?

Thanks, the 2012 model was absolutely perfect for me and Id love to have that experience again.

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