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Razer Naga/DeathAdder V2 Pro functionality question

  • 23 September 2020
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The new pro mice have both 2.4GHz and BlueTooth connectivity. I currently operate a 2 PC setup and frequently need to switch between the two systems. Which leads to a couple of questions I can't find answers to in the documentation:

1) Can you pair the mouse to PC1 via the 2.4ghz wireless connection and PC2 via Bluetooth? And switch between system by toggling which antenna the mouse is operating on? (This seems like it shouldn't be an issue at all just based on how the two technologies work. But I would like to have confirmation prior to making a potential purchase.)


2) Is the physical antenna switch on the bottom of the mouse the only way to switch between modes? Can you bind one of the buttons in Synapse to switch between BT and 2.4ghz wireless? Or is this functionality pretty much only featured in the Pro Click mouse?


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I would think this would work, but idk. Lol sorry for the worthless contribution XD.