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Razer Naga Pro button issues

I have owned probably 5 or 6 of the Razer Naga Pro mice and the 12 button attachment ALWAYS malfunctions after 6-12 months. Some of the keys will double click or the button stops working entirely. It’s a little ridiculous to pay over 100$ for a mouse that only last 6 months. Does anyone else have issues with the Naga Pro? Does razer replace the 12 button attachments? I love this mouse but I can’t afford to replace it so often. 

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Same problem here. My first two Nagas had issues with the cable. I switched to Logitech by then, and just two years ago, I tried the Naga Pro with interchangeable sides. However, the buttons stop working when I'm playing WoW. The temporary solution is to unplug and plug it again. I'm considering moving back to Logitech or trying another brand

I have the same exact issue, and I use it for work which is especially frustrating. I only got maybe 8 months out of it and now some of the buttons don’t function at all. I used to use a logitech mouse before and it worked pretty well, I only replaced it because I got a new razer keyboard and I wanted my macros to work together between mouse and  keyboard, can’t believe I spent almost 3 times the amount of the logitech mouse only for it to fail after a few months. I am looking into getting the piece replaced, but no luck. I am afraid I might be stuck with shoveling out more cash for a mouse  that has one small inoperable part that can easily be replaced.