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Razer trinity mouse double clicking.

  • 25 December 2020
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This is the second time I get this mouse and it is double clicking again, sadly my warranty wore off few months before and it sucks to have to change mice every year.. I've seen that this has been an issue for years, some people have the issue a couple months into use too. Is there something anyone knows how to fix it? Because I can't find a fix at all..
Razer, why do you keep selling this mouse if it keeps having this issue? I can't find a mouse with a rest for my right ring finger that I'm comfortable with. I don't really want to switch to another gaming mice company but if nothing gets fixed I might have to sadly..

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2 Replies

Mine is doing this too. Just over a year old too. 😞 Between this and my brand new Tartarus' gamepad sticking, I think I'm done with Razer for good. I love the options they have but nothing lasts.
Razer Quality is decreasing more and more. In all sectors. Horrifying.