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Razer Viper 8k scroll up issue

  • 4 February 2024
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TL;DR Razer has a better(EU) version of this mouse previously available for US.


Im going to return this mouse just because of scroll up noise issue. It’s loud as hell but caption this: The first viper 8k i bought in April 2023 has serial number RC-03050100-0000 and made in Thailand marked as UK/CA Europe version - it has no scroll issue at all. The second one i bought days ago from the same razer amazon store has serial number RC30-030501 made in China no region specified and has a scroll up loud as hell. I see there’s a lot of threads regarding this issue and razer support only states that “Not every product is 100% perfect.”. So what im going to do is to return this mouse and get a new one as long as it takes to get a version without this issue at all. I got two the same but completely different versions at the same time and i fill like razer is trying to make the production as cheap as possible. Im not going to fix it myself (guides are at youtube is presented) because i can see the difference between them, so i will make it your headache. 


UK/CA Europe mouse bought in April 2023 from razer amazon store.

Unknown region mouse bought days ago from now from razer amazon store and with scroll loud as hell.

P.S. If this topic is going to be deleted im going to make a youtube vid about this with the screenshots of this thread. If you once sold the better version of product - don’t try to make cheap version of it and sell if as it the same. 

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