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Razor Naga Side Pannel

The first Razer Naga mice had a CONVEX 12 button panel and the new ones ALL have a CONCAVE, Razer says its better however I find the opposite is true because it is much easier when trying to use the CONCAVE one to press multiple buttons and I also find the buttons tend to move around more.

A lot of people have been looking for new OR second hand 2012 mice and even paying double or more the price they were originally sold for just to get one yet Razer continues to sit there and tell their customers what they want instead of listening to what they want. (I know I do not speak for everyone but there are a lot of people out there that still want the old 12 button design)

I am mentioning this because the Trinity came out a while back and it to had Razor saying we have designed something that would take minimal effort to please you but we still refuse. At this point A lot of peoples mice are dead or dying, I have personally used parts from 4 different Razer Naga Epic mice to get one working multiple times from old ones I had saved and still no replacement in sight.

Why not make a side panel even if its sold separately that imitates the old Razer Naga Epic for the Trinity model instead of sitting there TELLING US what we want.

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