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sad day for an old mouse!

  • 7 April 2021
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so I'm a weird man that's loved my old mouse for years now always been perfect in my hand but now sadly the day has come where it would not move when I woke up... sooo what mouse would you recommend that's around my old trusty loved Diamondback Chameleon´s size that will be faster corded and last as long as this one has as I've been using it since release. I'm a photographer and light gamer so I used it more for the exactness of it rather then superb gaming capabilities even thou i have been gaming a little with it as well. needs to be as low and about the same size but speedwise faster ofc

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Check Razer Viper family.
Similar dimensions (Viper / Viper 8kHz / Viper Ultimate), and ambidextrous design.

If you need something more comfortable - check DeathAdder V2 or V2 Pro and Basilisk V2 / Ultimate.