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Suggestions for upcoming Naga mice

  • 16 August 2022
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Things I love from your already existing mice, and that we’d love to see in upcoming Naga mice!

  • 4 directional wheel
  • 3 Swappable side plates
  • Hyperscroll

Features that are NOT in your mice and we’d love to see in upcoming Naga mice

  • A ring finger button! This is a must-have feature, in my opinion. The only mouse with a ring finger button so far is the Logitech g600, and it’s a very outdated model from a decade ago. I think that, if you use your new technologies (like the ones listed earlier), you could come up with the ultimate MMO mouse! Why is this feature so important? Because it lets you easily activate Hypershift. In other Naga mice it’s really hard to use Hypershift because you only have one thumb and you need to press two buttons at once with it. But with this ring finger one, you can have independent control over your thumb because your ring finger will be the one activating Hypershift

  • Different textures and shapes for the side buttons! I specially like the dual panel of the g600, it’s really easy to identify each button. I think this is a way to make the buttons faster to identify

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4 Replies

Some pretty good food for thought for Razer. While the different textures and shapes has logic to it, I think it may cause a little extra confusion at times. The ring finger button, that could be really cool.
Some pretty good food for thought for Razer. While the different textures and shapes has logic to it, I think it may cause a little extra confusion at times. The ring finger button, that could be really cool.

I agree!!! While it will cause confusion at first, in the long run I think it will be benefitial once you get used to it. Is there an official place to send feedback so they can see this?
I agree and am often wishing for a 3rd clicker for ring finger to be used as a shift button. I just replaced my razer mouse with another. 5th razer mouse so far, all replaced once unintentional double clicking starts. I went from the Naga Trinity to the newer wireless version, the Naga Pro.

I am missing having the 7 buttons on MOBA side-plate (Pro just has the 6). I am not sure yet how I feel about the layout change from a circle to 2 rows. So far though, the circle is faster for me. But previously used 1 of the 7 buttons for Shift, but need to figure something else out now.
[indent]But a 3rd ring finger clicker would solve this completely and much better. Using your thumb for a button for Hypershift prevents u from using any other side button at the same time. And while reaching certain side buttons and holding em' down, it makes functioning the other buttons (dpi up/down, scroll, & clickers) feel a bit awkward, for me at least.[/indent]

I am confused about the decision to move the 2 DPI buttons further back away from the scroll wheel. I know it is said to prevent accidental button presses when scrolling, but I highly doubt anyone actually accidently presses those buttons when scrolling. Moving the scroll wheel takes very little effort/force. With the Pro, I now struggle to reach those buttons, especially the 1 further back. (I use them for various keybinds, not dpi switching).

I like a lot of things with the Pro like the new mouse feet, better feeling scroll wheel, and the wireless option is nice. But I am undecided whether or not I will switch back to the Trinity. Would much prefer to have a 3rd ring-finger clicker though.

Is there an official place to send feedback so they can see this?

I googled this exact thing before going to this forum. Was looking for a place to leave feedback on a non-technical issue, but was unable to find somewhere to do so.
EDIT: in Razer Synapse, they have a feedback option, which I don't think is actually intended for device feedback, but they allow you to change the feedback type from Synapse to "Other". I just sent a feedback message going that route.
Interesting ideas, although I'd rather NOT have the "3 Swappable side plates." The NAGA is meant to have a keypad for the thumb. I have the Trinity, a few of them in my house, and we have never used the other side plates. It is a waste for most players I would think. I also had some NAGA suggestions a few months ago, easy and workable for Razer to implement. The current "Left-Handed" verision of the the NAGA is the basic NAGA that has been the most functionally successful. It is the old 2016-ish version, but for left-handed players. They just need to produce that for right-handed players again and stop getting fancy. The 2014-2016 era of the NAGA was the most successful with the least amount of bugs (single click making double clicks, number buttons not working, the side plate needing to be taken off and on to reset its functionality, etc.).

I've been using NAGAs for over a decade now and I have only seen the quality decrease over the past few years. I have just had three new or fairly new Trinitys all give me a hard time with some sort of malfunction (single click registers as a double click sometimes on two mice, the number 3 doesn't work on one mouse). This has never happened before, except after years of use. I still have a Molten version that still works as a spare mouse laying around (over 10 years old!).

The mid-2010s (2014-2018) was the height of most Razer peripherals. The Blackwidow keyboard, even up to 2019 dominated. The 2014 to 2016 Nagas were great, with the included 19 programmable buttons that worked well and were durable. The old hand keypads were excellent. I have a Tartarus from that era that still works perfectly (just wish it had a longer cable by 1 to 2 feet).

Razer doesn't need to reinvent the wheel to produce good products. They just need to look into the recent past successes and maybe tweak those products with lighting, improved performance, etc., but keep the basic working design that we know functions well and is durable.

Heck, they could probably make a nice profit selling some "classic" products!

Make a Right-Handed Version of the NAGA Left-Handed Mouse

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