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  • 16 January 2020
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As Razer was announced Two new gaming mice in January 2020. What would you guys think?

For me, personally, I was expecting the new wireless technology - Hypersped will wildly apply on the comming product (I wish they could apply that on the keyboard as well.......).

It is quite disappointing that both new products only applied the optical switch technology merely. And I was expecting the wireless version of the Naga mouse, which is one of the remarkable design in terms of MMO gaming mouse.

I really hate the imitated design of Basilisk the same as Logitech G502. It feels like Razer had did backward in the industry that needs to follower competitors. In which, it needs to mention that for the initial success of Razer, almost ALL of the gaming peripheral competitors were coping all design from Razer's product in order to draw consumer's attention.

What do you guys think?


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Comparing previous mouses (DA Elite & Basilisk) - I'd choose DeathAdder because it's more "universal" and it has the "safest" shape for almost all people.
Basilisk is not a bad mouse, very comfortable, and for me it was better for sniping in CS GO, than on DA.

For Naga - I'd wait a little bit - there was refresh some time ago (Naga Trinity - with the new optical sensor as on DA E, Basilisk), so I think, that they'll update it with the newest optical sensor & optical mouse switches.