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Trouble Deciding

I'm looking at getting a new mouse for my rig, but I don't know if I should stay with the tried and true wired mouse or should I go with one of the wireless mice that are now available?

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Even if you get wireless mouse like Viper Ultimate or Basilisk Ultimate - you can still use them via cable. The small exemption is the newest Orochi V2 (egg mouse) - it can be used only wirelessly via dongle or BT mode.
Viper Ultimate is my daily driver, using it wirelessly only, and it's perfect.
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RAZER produce great variety of mouse.
I tried both wired and wireless and they sure give advantages and disadvantages during gaming and daily uses.

RAZER mouses and its slim design sure gives comforting grip, very light etc.
One thing I'm trying to get use to wireless mouse is, getting use to daily recharges.