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Which Razer mouse mats should I buy?

  • 31 October 2019
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I was just bought a Razer Mouse and consider to buy a mouse mat for it.

However, not only price is the concern, but also my desk had very limited space, the maximum width is 45cm and I could only use 87 keys keyboard with tiny space for a mouse.

Therefore, I would like to hear your advice about which mouse mat you guys recommend.

I love the Chroma effect but a am worry about the hight of the mouse pad still slop in the middle of the keyboard hence make the keyboard very jumpy. I will attach my computer desk as a reference.

Which will you recommend?

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6 Replies

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I have only used Control and Speed.

The answer depends on what game you play, and to give you that advantage based on the surface of the mouse mat.

"Control": as the word states it, to give you that "control" on the mouse.
Good for FPS games, which has a bit of friction compared to "Speed" that give you a bit of precision on the mouse accuracy.

"Speed": smoother surface, less friction compared to "Control". Good for games that require dramatic mouse movement. RTS games, Starcraft, Warcraft, Age of Empires.

Now the mouse mat also comes with number of sizes, of course the bigger the size, higher the price. High demands on desk decorations; I always like XXL size (900*300), small size mat can move with the mouse, which I don't like.

Anyway, I have both mats in XXL size so that I can take every advantage I get on on the purpose of the mouse.
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I have Firefly hard edition mouse mat, its a solid mouse mat.

But i think you should try out the new Firefly V2 as it just came out.

In the end, its your preference and comfort which you should consider before finalizing. Like hard or cloth surface, size of the mouse mat, etc.
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I'd recommend Goliathus Speed - fast and smooth, very good quality.

Yep that's the one I have for my laptop's Mercury Atheris. My desktop PC I have the Vespula V2, because on the V2 the surface and wrist rest pad are much bigger than the original Vespula mat did (I kept the wrist pad off the original Vespula for future use since it has the nice snake logo on it)
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I'd recommend Goliathus Speed - fast and smooth, very good quality.
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I did actually had that at the laptop back:wink_:
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I know this is sorta off-topic but nice Razer sticker... I attached a couple of the snake logo stickers to my laptop lid recently (1 each of the black chroma and green snake stickers)

I would probably go with one of the small mats for your desktop space requirements as they provide enough surface