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Anyone here uses the Razer Kishi V2

  • 8 August 2022
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How does it work and how well does it work? Do I simply plug in my phone and it auto maps the buttons? Is it easy to use or do you spend more time tapping your screen to open menus?

I saw they added controller support back in March but can't seem to find any videos of people actually using echat one

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I just got mine for the iPhone, so will give an update in a weeks time.

On First Impressions,...The buttons seems very shallow. Clicks are quick, and control sticks feel fragile. The trigger levers are super nice. Much better than v1.

The alignment between the sticks and the d-pad/buttons are straight top to bottom, will need a slight adjustment as the v1 was slightly angled inwards, so when you shift your thumbs down to the d-pad on the v2, you will need to rotate your wrist a bit more.

I also feel the size of the handles are slimmer than the v1, but the whole setup feels more secure when the iPhone is inserted.

Unfortunately, there were no extra rubber inserts, the android version includes them. WHY?

I removed the rubber inserts and was able to connect my iPhone 11 PRO without any issues. I am just using a standard leather iphone case.