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ATT H+ vs Razer Phone 2

  • 21 February 2019
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Been trying to find a solution for this all day long.

H+ caps out on ATT network at 3mb/s

This is unacceptable (mad at ATT, not my phone)

Anybody come across any fixes for the ATT network? Buying the phone from them is not a option, this one was purchased unlocked.

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2 Replies

As someone on AT&T (and verizon on my work phone) there are some areas were you will get just crap throughput.

Want an example? I travel a bit (would like to more) and every time I go visit my family (South of Miami, Fl) I have seen it get worse and worse over the last decade. When I was last there, I could not get above 1.5Mbps down unless I tried after 1am until about 6am! That was on both my phones, and my friend's phones on AT&T, T-mobile and various NVMOs... I don't know anyone with sprint, so I couldn't test. Get back to Vegas and my RP1 peaked at 120Mbps. When I am actually home, I get between 20-40Mbps.

The issue is that US carriers are too busy with future tech and gaining customers instead of maintaining and upgrading infrastructure.(and in AT&T's case, fake 5G)
I'm Gonna end up switching to Verizon, buddy at work threw his sim sard in and it instantly went to LTE. That's kinda what pushed me over to switch carriers.