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Unbalanced audio on iPhone with Kraken

  • 27 February 2022
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I experienced this issue months ago with my first pair of Kraken Mercury. Every time I was listening to music on my iPhone and I wanted to control the volume with its wheel, at some volume level it was unbalanced, on the left one it sounded louder and after regulating the volume at its most high, the sound stabilizes again.
I thought the audio problem was something about hardware, so I changed them in the store. After testing this second pair in my iPhone 6 and other devices, I had the same problem. In this case, I changed my iPhone (not for this reason) for a new one (SE 2020, with a jack adapter apart) and the issue was still there. After this frustration, I changed the second pair for a third one. Hoping my problem was finally solved, I tested the third new and surprisingly it had the same problem, but this time I realized that the problem was only in Apple devices, not in Windows or Android ones.
So, before doing the same changing process with the store again like an idiot, I'd like to ask you if you had a similar or the same problem and if I shouldn't worry anymore about this. I love this Kraken model and I wouldn't like to change it for another one.
Thank you guys for reading me and taking the time for doing it!

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1 Reply

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