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Is Razer Kishi compatible with RP2 ?

Hi guys,

As per title above. did kishi support RP2 as well as other usb-type-c products out there ? That thing is a beast and i would like to know if it can support my RP2.

Thanks in advance.

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I've just received mine and it seems to do sod all. had to remove the protective padding as the RP2 doesn't physically fit into the padded holder, so it just flops about and will no doubt break the USB-C port faster. Also can't seem to make it do anything except the home button occasionally triggers a pop up for nova launcher settings..

There are no instructions in the manual other than come here to register it and get started. It doesn't show up in bluetooth or connected device settings.

Glad I spent > £90 on a wobbly strap at this stage. I sense a refund coming
Quick update - used my brain and started going through the Razer apps on Play Store - there is a Kishi app that needs to be installed before the controller will do anything other than act as a home button for the phone - have got it recognising the controller pads and am installing some games like Sonic, FF14 and PUBG to see if they recognise and how badly it wobbles and flexes without the padding...
Further update - it's no good. The RP2 does fit with the rubber padding removed but it wobbles and flexes so much the controller constantly (am talking every second) disconnects and reconnects due to the pressure the elastic strap is putting on the USB-C socket. It's a broken charging port waiting to happen. Tried it with my S10 Galaxy as well and that fits with the padding installed but also flexes. Didn't leave it in there long as intend to sell it to find my RP2 and accessories habit!