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The Best Way to Remove Body Hair

  • 18 January 2020
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Some of us don't like black hair on the light skin. I have a lot of hair on my body and I decide to remove unwanted hair of my body. But I don't have any idea about it. A friend of mine tells me about laser hair removal. Does anyone have any idea with laser hair removal?

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5 Replies

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I have no personal experience regarding laser hair removal, abut what I've heard and read about, laser actually burns your skin, so I'm not so sure if I would like to go through it.

If you don't like to shave (or at least trim) your hair, you can depilation. Not that I tried either, but those are some techniques I've heard of.
Laser treatment is best for removing body hair, but there is also so many side effects, you need to know about them.
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Its Razer insider dude, not how to remove hair insider :smile_:
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tnx for the info man, that's what I was looking for )

It's not a bad topic, you can talk about everything in the off topic section. Didn't see that last time
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sounds cool. I also attend brooklyn laser hair removal clinic from time to time.

Why not remove it for forever