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What is your favorite video game to play

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Apex Legends for sure
Mass Effect Trilogy
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I like to play Minecraft, and sometimes Terraria.
Mount & Blade is an awesome game. I love the Witcher.
Dota 2 is my favorite one, I play it almost every day!
I adore Rockstar Games games. For me they make masterpieces, one of which is RDR2, which I'm already halfway through and admire how well the story is written, they clearly worked on it. I also love online shooters or just games where you can relax, even take the same gambling, it's fun sometimes to try my luck there but before that I always check here for new deposits as then I can play without spending any money. But still my main priority are the story games, because sometimes their quality can be compared to a Hollywood movie.
skate 3, osu!mania, and sometimes roblox.
It is probably CS:GO. You can choose to play with friends or not but the meta of the game is fun.
Hi guys here, whats up? You know from my very childhood I been playing games. First, it was Nintendo and then computers came and change my world.. I could play for 20 hours a day and it played good for me so now I am a real good player of WoW and Dota 2.
Elder Scrolls Online
My favourite game to play right now is Forza Horizon 4
I love CS:GO.
Minecraft, especially when my friends are online.

Minecraft's great, even without friends I pretty much don't play anything else.
minecraft (hypixel) if friends online or superhot
I like cars.
call of duty
Monster Hunter World, but lack of friends to play with is an obstacle 😞
my favarote video game right now is apex legends
I play a lot of Horizon Zero Dawn. I generally like games with really good stories and lots of shooty shooty bang bang
i like apex legends because i really like the abilities and i want to get better at the game
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Finally got a Switch, so been loving Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It definitely helps that my friend is the voice of Impa (and younger Impa on Warriors of Hyrule: Age of Calamity). When work was really slow, OW was my go-to 100%.
Pubg mobile and gta 5
Still an avid tomb raider, resident evil guy...oldhead
Guild Wars 2 - I am not playing it as much as 6 years ago but I still like the game.
World of Warships - second most played game.

Other than that I play single player games or with people I know only.
Minecraft, especially when my friends are online.

cool I love playing Minecraft to