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[AXON] Delta Force: Hawk Ops - Download the Axon Wallpaper Now

  • 12 September 2023
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[AXON] Delta Force: Hawk Ops - Download the Axon Wallpaper Now
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Delta Force: Hawk Ops is a brand new cross-platform tactical shooter where you'll play the role of an Operator tasked with accomplishing extreme missions through precise tactical planning and application.

Download Razer Axon and add the Delta Force: Hawk Ops wallpaper to your collection.

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We’re on the ground at Gamescom 2023, and Delta Force, the FPS game series first released in 1998, is making a return courtesy of Tencent and TiMi Studios, this time across mobile, consoles, and PC. While a Delta Force: Hawk Ops release date is still yet to be announced, pre-registration is now live.

Delta Force: Hawk Ops “intends to launch” – whatever that means – with three game modes: a campaign, called Black Hawk Down, where characters from the 2004 instalment make a return; extraction, assumedly a Tarkov-esque mode, and; large-scale PvP, with large teams and various vehicles over a massive map.

The game aims for tactical combat in all modes, with four operator classes at launch. “Delta Force is one of the most iconic, original games in FPS history and it will soon be time for this fantastic series to return for players on all devices – console, mobile or PC – to play,” TiMi J3 studio general manager Leo Yao said. “We believe we’ve honored the original series while creating a modern, tactical, operator-based game to be enjoyed by players worldwide, of all skill levels, for many years to come.”

Delta Force: Hawk Ops release date speculation

At the time of writing, there is no Delta Force: Hawk Ops release date set. All we know is that there’s “a date to be shared at a later time.” You can, however, pre-register now to be ready for launch day.