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A request for a simple lighting effect that may be complex to set up

  • 3 June 2019
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Hello there, I recently just bought a Huntsman Elite and am very pleased with it so far! However I am migrating from a keyboard where I had a very particular lighting setup that I enjoyed very much and wish to replicate it near exactly here if at all possible. To be clear, I don't mind how much effort it takes me to replicate it even if I had to go down the route of using the SDK or related items to create it, I'm just looking to be pointed in the right direction.

Basically all I am after is having a base background static colour, and then having that colour change to a different one instantly on keypress, and reverting to how it was on key release. This effect looks identical to the one that happens when you press a hypershift key except it is per-key and only changes the colour of the key pressed. I am looking to replicate that exact same speed and type of colour change, in fact if you bind one of your hypershift shortcut keys as a hypershift activation key itself you get an even better idea of what I'm aiming for, just on an individual per-key basis.

In summary, I just want my held keys to light up differently and stay lit to show they're activated and to go back to the static colour as soon as they're not. I have so far tried the reactive lighting, but that is far too slow and it flashes on and off before coming to rest, I have also tried using a highly tuned ripple effect set to affect a single key at a time and this achieves near the colour speed change I want but does not stay lit for as long as I am depressing the key. I have not found a combination of effects that's able to be morphed into what I am after yet and I've so far turned up empty on any way to make it happen at all, so any assistance here would be sincerely appreciated.

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I'd say its not possible at the moment to recreate this effect. We'd need something like a toggle effect to do this