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How to keep synapse loaded when I lock my pc

  • 16 April 2020
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Hello everyone, I have a question. Is it possible to keep synapse loaded when I lock my pc. This means that it keeps my macros and lightning profiles loaded all the time. Because everytime I lock my pc, everything goes back to spectrum cycling. When I unlock my pc, then everythings comes back..

Im running the latest version of synapse 3

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4 Replies

Hello! please tell me how the synapse works offline
I hope these issues do get addressed synapse has potential but lack of persistent light effects and some macro issues means its shooting its self in the foot repeatedly
Yeah I've gotten the same issue from time to time as well, it's hit-or-miss
I would rather razer fix chroma studio to allow you to push a default chroma profile (including advanced effects) to the device memory instead of it reverting to rainbow barf every time it disconnects seriously does anyone actually want rainbow color cycling 😜. This could use the macro storage memory for all I care lord knows there should be enough of it for at least one full color profile. For a GAMING! Company they really seem a bit clueless when it comes to understanding that gamers really want their color coordinated gaming rigs to be the correct RGB colors AT ALL TIMES. It is however interesting that this happens since to the best of my knowledge most programs and background services do not suddenly stop functioning when the screen locks unless they were specifically programmed to detect a screen lock and act that way. also there is a thing called a system service razer should know what this is and why their excuse of the chroma app needing to sleep is an avoidable situation and a completely undesirable design DEFECT. Also the fact that synapse requires a constant connection to maintain the RGB is also a design defect not sure how it actually made it into production, But at least if the peripherals have internal memory and the capability to accept firmware updates this is a feature that should be possible to add.