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Monster Smart illuminessence LED strip

  • 20 August 2023
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I just purchased the strip from Walmart and I have it setup with Synapse 3 and Chroma connect and studio also have the android app on my phone. Everything works as it should. I don’t know if I am overlooking something but it doesn’t seem to give me many options as far as having very many options to adjust the effects, The ones included with the app look pretty basic. I have another led strip that does a lot of different patterns and colors. From what I read supposedly I can change a lot of different things but I have gone through everything and don’t seem to have many choices. I did see there is a workshop where you can download different profiles. I have tried a couple but they say I don’t have a compatible device. Apparently because it is a 3rd party product. I would like to see if anyone has any tips or if I am over looking something. Thanks

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