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Razer Chroma profile switching

  • 17 July 2019
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When I bought my Huntsman elite whenever I switched between chroma profiles the transition was smooth.
I set up a "Office" and "Movies" profile. Office was a default one and when I opened VLC player it would go to "Movies" and lights on the keybord would dimm to the point that you could see the letters but it wasnt distracting.
So both profiles had same effects (static white) just the one was at full brightness (all values to 255) and one was at a low brightness (all values at 25).

The transition was like this: from fully bright keyboard it started slowly dimming to movies profile and vice versa.

After some time I bought Razer Mamba Elite and since I hooked it up the transition is like this:
Keyboard and mouse turn off lightning completely and then slowly start getting brighter.

And this is annoying. Tried reinstalling Synapse but still the same.

The thing is that I wanted to do Philips Hue lightning in my room so that lights would automatically get slowly dimmer when watching a movie but it seems like it doesnt work anymore.

Does anyone knows how to fix this?

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