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Synapse 3 Chroma HELP!!!

  • 26 December 2019
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So. im no newbie to Razer. had their products plenty of years now. Just got a new Mouse as my old one was starting to show its age. All the colours were perfect. My mouse mat (fine) was wave effect. My keyboard was a rainbow JUST like it is ont he box bought. But the mouse? I cannot seem to find out how to get it to look like how it does on the box..... the Razer mamba elite. Youd think there is a (on box) option colour buit instead theres all these fancy wave,spectrum stuff.
Without it taking me 5 years to induviudally set each bit on the mouse a colour and stil not being happy. is there a way to get it to how it looks on the box? (static rainbow) PLEASE HELP!

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