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True white on chroma

  • 9 February 2019
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My Razer Blackwidow Elite doesn't show pure white when it is set to FFFFFF. It comes off as a blueish white. I've tried to lower the blues but can't seem to get a nice pure white to shine through. Has anyone landed on the code for a pure white light? Please do share with everyone. Thank you

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2 Replies

This is the more embarrassing side of Razer. Something I just live with.
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16.8 million colors - 1. And yeah the pure white color code gives off a blueish tint. I think this is more hardware limited since all of my chroma devices have the exact same thing. My Lancehead T.E has the least blue and almost passes for pure white but in a dark room you can still tell the difference if you compare it to some other brand RGB peripherals.