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Razer Seiren Mini support

  • 4 February 2021
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Hello all,
So I’ve just made the jump from console to pc and loving it, after 33 years of hardcore console gaming. I currently have the Astro A50 gen 3’s which I used for my Xbox one x. I was wondering can I use the Razer Seiren Mini alongside this headset on pc? Using the mic for in game chat and headset for audio? If so is it easy to set up etc? I still currently use the Xbox party chat to speak to mates so will this be an issue? I can’t see why it would be but thought I’d ask around.
Any useful information would be greatly appreciated.

Iain 🙂

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5 Replies

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I hope the attachment answers your question

Hi Sye,
Thanks for the reply. I’ve seen that already but my question is, can I use this mic at the same time I’m using my Astro A50’s?
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I'm no Astro specialist; Astro A50 advertisement show it is compatible with consoles and pc

but if you are moving to Windows gaming, you can always change your mic configuration in the Windows Sounds control panel

Control Panel -> Sound -> Recording tab
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Maybe the following youtubes are your answer

Thanks Sye, I’ll give them a watch after work 🙂