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New razer gear :)

  • 23 September 2021
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I'm looking for a new headset, keyboard and mouse and I want to ask you nice people on reddit. What I should buy.

I play for the most fps (looter-shooters), hack and slash, platforms, mmo, etc.. to mention a few.

Keyboard wise I have been looking at BlackWidow Elite and Huntsman Elite. For the headset I have been looking at blackshark v2 or kraken tournament edition. For the mouse im looking at naga trinity or deathaddler v2 or viper.

I'm looking forward to you have to say and if you have other suggestions write them down in the comments for me to read 🙂

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as a headset i use the wireless Barracuda X, it is not too expensive and you get great sound imo. only down side (if you can call it that is that you need to charge it after 2/3 days.

the mouse that i use the Basilisk ultimate and love it.
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When it comes to keyboard - I'd check the new Razer Huntsman V2 keyboard (less Chroma, but it have all standard size keycaps, so you can buy any set that you want to fully customize it).
Both DeathAdder V2 and Viper are a good choice. DA will be the most universal for all people, Viper is great for FPS games, but it's not as comfy as DeathAdder.