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Rouge Bag And Protective Sleeve

  • 25 December 2019
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Okay so I just recived my 13" Rouge V2 and my 13" Protective Sleeve. I was excited to use them both because I have my old Rouge bag that is beaten up, and the sleeve has that mouse pad surface so I didn't need to bring my mousepad. Sadly the sleeve doesnt fit in the 13" Rouge V2 backpack with or without the laptop, I was going to put it in the deticated pouch but it is so tight that the blade stealth fits by milimeters. I also cant use the sleeve even if it is just in the bag loose because it is too tall. So just a warning to anyone buying both don't buy the same size sleeve and bag. Buy a 15" bag with your 13" sleeve. Now I have to figure something out because I doubt I can return it (The Bag).

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