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Suggestion for Base Station 2.0

  • 21 February 2019
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i don't know how the community feels about it but paying 79$ for a plastik usb 3.0 hub with rgp and a headset hanger is a bit harsh in my opinion and i bet an some other members had this thougths too.

i made myself some thoughts about the base station and how to improve the device to make the price fair.

my first suggestion would be to overthink the material decission. i recently ordered the blackwiddow elite with the nice dark brushed aluminium.
if the basestation would be made out of this material i would be more likely to pay the price.
To be honest it's ridiculous when you have to pay the money for a half keyboard just for a plastik usb hub with a hanger.

my second thought was to implement qi charging function.
A combination of the base station and the already existing wireless charger.
by the way the charger is also way too expensiv only for charging your phone and having rgb ligths.
i always catch myself putting my phone somewhere on the table and not be able to find it again in the dark.

i wont complain about the positioning of the usb ports which i like them at the front.
personatly i would use one port for my wireless headset receiver. one port for my charging cable for the headset or the phone and the last port would stay free for usb storages.

please dont get this post wrong. i am not posting this to complain about price politics at razer but some of the devices could be more generous with their features for the price they cost.

maybe one of the decision maker at razer will read this and at least waste a hint of a thought at this idea.
and maybe we can buy smorter razer devices in the future.

thanks for reading and leave a like for publicity

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