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Synapse can't detect 2nd Razor Base Station Chroma

I just got my 2nd base station chroma which I am using as a USB hub, but Razer synapse 3 isn't detecting this new one, though the lighting effects works also synapse detects it when I un plug another one, am I missing something?

PaperzMask, May 27, 2019''

''You can only have 1 item of each sadly. I have 2 Fireflies and only 1 gets recongized. There's an old post somewhere from Razer Staff saying that's currently how it is and it's working as intended. Maybe someday though?:rolleyes:

ARMOR_152, May 27, 2019''

Is there any changes in this subject? It's a one year from original post. As I just bought two Base Stations and well only one working properly :frown_: Asking in new post as old is locked.

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Same here, have 2 HDKs laying around.
Same here - I have 2 base station chromas (one for my headset, 1 for my cellphone stand without the arm attached. But only 1 of the stands is working/recognized correctly with Chroma Studio. :frown_: