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CORTEX PC | Squad Rewards Season 12

CORTEX PC | Squad Rewards Season 12
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Hey Insiders, 

We are pleased to announce that Squad Rewards Season 12 is starting on May 04 at 02:00 UTC/10:00 SGT. 

If we have 100k participants before the competition starts, the prize pool will increase to 5 million Razer Silver. Meaning, each winner of the grand prize will win 61k Razer Silver, which is enough to redeem a Razer BlackShark V2 headset.

Get playing, get competing.  

Join now: 


What’s new in Season 12? 

  1. 100 Steam game keys for Stray Blade will be given away during the Post-Season GAME KEY GIVEAWAY event.  

  2. About 30 new games will be supported when the competition starts, including Dead Island 2, Resident Evil 4, Honkai: Star Rail, The Last of Us™ Part I, etc.  


How to Participate? 

  1. Register with your Razer ID. If you do not have Razer Cortex installed on your PC, please download it here first: 

  2. Gather up to 3 friends to team up. 

  3. Win gameplay hours by playing the supported games and claim the Razer Silver prize. 



PRE-SEASON: MAY 04 02:00 – MAY 18 00:00 UTC 

You can sign up and invite friends to squad up. If we reach 100k participants before the competition starts, the prize pool will be increased to a maximum of 5 million Razer Silver.  


COMPETING: MAY 18 00:00 – JUNE 01 00:00 UTC 

You can start to win gameplay hours by playing any of the supported games with your squad and compete for Silver prizes with these gameplay hours. 


POST-SEASON: MAY 31 04:00 - JUNE 01 04:00 UTC 

  • VOTE TO WIN EVENT: 1.2 million Razer Silver in the prize pool. 

  • GAME KEY GIVEAWAY: 100 Steam game keys for Stray Blade 

You can claim post-season prizes with your personal leftover gameplay hours.  


If you want to know more details of the competition, please feel free to visit our FAQ page: 


Note: Season 12 is only available on Razer Cortex 10. If you're using Razer Cortex 9, please upgrade here:


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here we go again

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Let’s go.

Good luck everyone :)

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#FeelsGood #Razer💚

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17 hours left. Still we need more players to have bigger prize.

Let’s go 😜

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CORTEX always cause issues  cant earn the hour properly!