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Do you have to pay to upgrade?

  • 7 February 2019
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I was looking at one of the giveaways. It says if you upgrade to a Razer Gold account, you get 1,000 Silver plus you get added into a giveaway to potentially win 20,000 Silver.

Here are my questions:
To upgrade to a Razer Gold account from a Razer Silver account, do you have to pay? Is it a monthly fee, a one-time fee or is it free to upgrade?
If you do have to pay to upgrade, how much is it?

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4 Replies

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There's no fees of any kind.:smile_:
That's good to know. Thanks for replying and letting me know!
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People who have alredy make before account have in difrent system and this is a reminder or opurtinity to change the older account to new one. New members who make account have alredy new system automatic, To upgrade from old to new system there is no charge you just need to have old or create new account and you will be rewarded.
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If you are logging onto then you are automatically on the new system. For the older system users you get a pop up notifying you to upgrade so you should be good and upgraded unless you keep ignoring that pop up.