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Flash Silver Giveaway!

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Happy Friday, folks!

Simply reply to and like this thread for a chance to earn a handful of Razer Silver.

I'll choose one lucky person next week so be sure to like and comment and check back to see if you're the lucky person.

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Hm suddenly i'm feeling a lucky person, may the worthy win all the glory!
Let's see if luck is on my side.
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giveaway! participate!
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Aaey boss. Give some silver boss.
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I shall be the worthy one!:wink_:
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I'll take 1 ticket please! 💲
Free silver? Im in.
Lets just test my luck
Can I still try my luck?
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Gimme those shiny silvers!!!
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Never had chance in loterries but I don't give up.
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Just find this thread after Friday, hopefully I could still catch the bus 0.0
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May be cutting it a bit close here, but good luck all! haha
my luck is never with me
if i win this i will go and buy a lottery ticket
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Winner has been chosen. You know who you are, make sure to share!