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Gamma down?

  • 24 September 2019
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Hey all,

Been trying to fire up GAMMA the past couple days and it doesn't seem to be working at all. Is anyone else running into issues? I saw a couple posts on discord about server upgrades happening but nothing outside of that. Do we have an ETA for when it will all be back up and running as well as any info on when the download link will be operational for the installer again?

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5 Replies

I too am wondering...
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I have absolutely no clue. My GPU is :mad_:. So I don't really have a need for Gamma. I am used to calling it soft miner. I don't use it, But have you contacted customer support yet?
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The issue is not with the GPU card, the issue is the Gamma application. RAZER have sold the softminer functionality to GAMMA, which sucks so hard
I mean, the support so far has been atrocious and everyone in the discord channel is getting a bit fed up. I can understand having downtime but it's been over a full month with no updates. Everyone is getting fairly mad about it.
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I just uninstalled it, it hasn't been worth it for me for the last 9 months anyways. So not a big deal...but I agree, for others that want to use it, some more info would be nice.