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[Razer Gold & Silver] Spin to Win 2019

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Don't get fooled by this. I bet they made the winning percentage to be slim and make people spend all their zSilver.
I've spun a few of the days so far. From my experience at least 3 out of the 6 spins each day will most likely land on the USB voucher. The other ones will land on like the 3k Silver, LootBox 35% off voucher/code (which appears to be a generic discount code rather than a unique to your spin code.), and that Omega Zodiac Golden Gift pack. Those seem to be the most common after the USB voucher.
So far i've also landed on 2 of the steam keys. One for Storm in a Tea Cup and one for another game.

While i'd love to hit one of the main prizes....i certainly don't expect to do so. But....considering I have the razer gear i want and nothing really catches my interest right now in the silver shop....why not waste it on these on that tiny off chance. that's how i see it.
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Did 5 spins this is what I got;

- 2x 8gig USB flash drives if I spend $99
-Razer Gunner Glasses at 30% discount
-1 Bonus 3000 Silver, can use them for more spins
-1 USD 3 Bonus Gold, not sure what this is yet

This is what I got for 5000 Z Silver, so do you think it's worth it???
Cant in my country 😞
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Country not eligible, sad day, i would've loved to participate in the silver spin.
My spin lagged on Razer Phone for like 5 sec and then moved to lootbox -35%
I won a code for Storm in a Teacup but it's not my kind of game so whoever is interested can have it.


Do let others know if you've redeemed it to save their time. Thanks!
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not eligible country 😞
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Spin to win is back !!!
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Another way to feed my gambling addiction.
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Na, imma pass. No one won anything good last time around either.
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Haha, the official post is kicking in lol. For those who are willingly to give away some vouchers i'll gladly take some of them.
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Guess it's time to lose all my silver for nothing. 💩
Has anyone won something big yet?

All i got was vouchers for razerstore but i only bought 3 spins.
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Has anyone won something big yet?