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Razer Gold stole $500 from me and don't answer the tickets.

  • 9 April 2024
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Long story short:

I bought $500 dollars in NYANS (Ragnarok Online) through the official website. I used my credit card to pay for it and RAZER GOLD as transaction method. My credit card was charged with the correct amount, but I didn’t get the NYANs on my account. Razer never sent me a receipt or transaction number to my email.


I spoke with an agent called Ryan Hong who told me that Ragnarok Origin should be the ones giving me responses, not Razer. 


I spoke with Ragnarok support team and as I expected, they told me that they don’t deal with transactions directly and RAZER are the only ones who owe me a receipt for my purchase. (Which makes total sense because my money went to RAZER and not to Ragnarok directly).


I asked my bank account to issue a certificate and as I suspected, THE MONEY INDEED WENT TO RAZER GOLD. I shared the certificate to Razer hoping that they could “find” my transaction but “Ryan good guy Hong” did not reply any of my messages again and he closed my ticket. LOL.


Now I’m $500 down, without answers from Razer. Not hope from my side either. 


My entire set up is Razer, including a last-gen Razer Blade worth in 5k USD. $500 dollars is a fair price to pay to learn how RAZER OPERATES and never buy a single item from them in the future. Also, I work for a big game development firm that use Razer for their set-ups, which, they will be delight to know about this incident as well.


Excellent job, @Razer Admin and Ryan Hong. You just lost one loyal customer for $500 bucks.






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