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Razer not supporting missing PIN code digits

  • 3 November 2023
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It appears that Razer has frequent issues putting complete PIN code numbers on their cards.  I purchased two cards totaling $310.  I put i a ticket and the next day I get a message saying the cards were redeemed the day I put in a ticket.  I didn’t get the PIN code information and didn’t redeem the cards.  So who got the PIN code information?  Is Razer running some sort of scam on their customers.  I have purchased thousands in Razer cards, and they refuse to respond and explain how or where those cards could be redeemed.  Until I am reimbursed, I will never purchase another card and I will recommend to anyone thinking of buying a card to forget it.  Obviously, Razer has no intentions of supporting their customers and has known for some time that they have issues with their 14 digit PIN codes being properly printed on their cards.  

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My card code isn’t complete 14 digit 

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I’ve been through all of your support which in my opinion is worthless.  They simply said the cards were redeemed and that was the end of your support.  The only thing that will help is if I get a refund or replacement cards.  As far as I am concerned Razer is not the least bit interested in satisfying its’ customers.  

My card code isn’t complete 14 digit 

Text me up let’s me help you out if you haven’t thrown the card away 

bought a Razer gold gift card and when I scratched it the PIN number wasn't complete 

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I had the same issue. Showed the defect to the store I purchased 2 cards from and they gave me a support number to contact that wasn’t open until the next Monday. I called them, with my cards still in hand, and they asked I contact Razer. Submitted Case #: 240213-000428 and talked with chat support. They repeatedly said to file a police report ignoring the facts the cards were not stolen and couldn’t explain how a thief could redeem my cards without PIN numbers. If I have to file a report it’ll be with the Federal Trade Commission and BBB to warn everyone to not buy Razer cards. Please help if possible.

I bought Razer Gold card from an authorized store, got home scratched the card and got the pin which I typed in and got notified that my code is invalid, it is soo sad and a bad reputation towards razer gold card. 

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Please contact Razer Gold Support via webform: http://gold.razer.com/ticket-inbox/submit or live chat on gold.razer.com only.